**Just Released!!**

John Light, desperate to escape his introverted ways and fully engage with the excitement, enlightenment, and fun of the early 70's, is a man with a plan. School and baseball success fail to sprout a new identity. A dorm room challenge to his innate sense of ethics, however, sets his task and dominates his attention, turning him toward the counterculture where a student activist with militant connections offers him a possible solution, at a steep price. As his involvement deepens, so does his anger toward corruption and injustice, and he grapples with the complications of losing oneself in a just cause.

When our institutions fail to convincingly argue why a person should do the right thing, the task falls to the individual, where maybe it belongs, anyway. John and his team learn much about why a person should do the right thing, but the lessons may come too late. As time runs out, can John discover within himself a second fastball, an absolute, organic morality that promises a struggling humanity the ability to move through life with joy, nobility, and evolutionary grace?

"Evolution looks like competition, but at the heart of it is a great deal of cooperation."

"It is only an ethical movement which can rescue us from the slough of barbarism, and the ethical comes into existence only in individuals." -Albert Schweitzer