Official Press Release for Pitching to Giraffes

Puszykowski's writing is amazingly fresh and simple...The characters that he builds and develops throughout the story are believable, having problems that readers can relate to their own...Although my knowledge about baseball is minimal, the characters and the plot really allowed me to enjoy the novel.

The book clearly brought out John's struggle to reconcile his desire to stand for something more, and at the same time the need to fit in, and how his beliefs and ideas fit into the bigger picture that is humanity...It was intriguing to follow John's efforts to balance his belief system, the fun of being in college and on the baseball team, and then reconciling it all with his new cause.

...brings us back to early 1970s America through his novel Pitching to Giraffes...the author presents his views not by excessively expounding the social ills that plague society or the dangers that it poses to the young and the idealistic, but by objectively tell the story of John Light. I recommend this book!

Pitching to Giraffes by Tom Puszykowski is an engaging and pensive novel about more than just baseball and the politics and lifestyle of college during the Seventies. It's so much more than that.